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Since ancient times, the idea of ​​slavery has existed in human history. It was put into practice in the process of human evolution and lasted until the last century. The world history of slaves can be traced back to the time when ancient civilizations emerged. There is an urgent need to serve the Royal Courts, cruel wars, and other social needs to force disadvantaged groups and social discriminators into slavery. Slavery was imposed on the weaker clans in society. Again, this is a gift for the poor and dark-skinned people. However, some historical facts about slaves have been brushed under the carpet of glorious civilization history. In this article, we are going to focus on a few of them.

The Earliest Civilized History of Slavery in The World

Let us go back in time. It can be said that in the 18th century BC, the oldest civilization appeared in the famous centre of Babylon. Society at that time was quite advanced, and slaves were treated humanely. They are considered as members of the family and have the prerogative to receive primary education. Some slaves even belong to the same class as their masters. They are very talented in the fields of fine arts and crafts. However, to solve the severe financial crisis, slavery is an option for the poor. The slaves of Babylon were free on many levels and never deprived them of fundamental civil rights.

Slavery Emerged in Greek Civilization

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One of the most well-known civilizations in the history of world slavery existed in Greece in the 7th century BC. In the brutal history of war slavery, slavery became the main factor in the two most essential territories of ancient Greece, Sparta and Athens. However, the evil rule only applies to those who lose in battle. These defeated people had to serve their masters on their land. In Sparta, they still have some fundamental civil rights, but the situation is ruthless in Athens. Slaves were deprived of their civil rights and forced to enter the mining and other dangerous work areas. According to the work they do, the distinction is vivid. However, the situation is better for soldiers and police forces.

History of World Slavery in the 13th Century

Over time, several empires came to power and collapsed. However, the status of the slave remained unchanged. In the middle age, slave culture has migrated to other parts of the world. Notwithstanding, the concept of slavery has changed over time. Around the Mediterranean, people from the bottom of society act as domestic slaves. They perform housework. Besides, some poor people have also found their way to the military and security officials. With the continuous development of economic conditions around the world, slavery has become the upper class’s business. Prisoners of war and relatively remote rural tribes served for daily wages in urban society.


It was the evil trend that colonial America began to breed black slaves. During the turbulent period of the 17th and 18th centuries, the American tobacco and cotton industries entered the wilderness of Africa. They withdrew African indigenous tribes from their lands and forced them to suffer enormous exploitation and suffering. Black tribes served as laborers and full-time servants in these tobacco farms. They were tortured and deprived of their civil rights. All social norms oppose these slaves. As a result, a notorious civil war broke out in the heart of the significant American countries, which eventually provided freedom for millions of slaves.

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