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jordan world heritage sites

Jordan is one of the world heritage sites in the region. World Heritage status is accorded to those places, which can be confirmed to have an outstanding universal value for the heritage of mankind. These world heritage sites are in many parts of Jordan. They include the Jordan River Valley, Jerash, Taba, Na’ama, the Jordan Mountains and the Wadi Rum. These sites are considered to be the epitome of exceptional beauty and splendor.

Jordan World Heritage Sites

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Jordan’s World Heritage Site, the Jordan River Valley, boasts of many archaeological remains, which are the foundations of an ancient civilization. Among the world heritage sites in Jordan, the Wadi Rum is considered to be the most significant one. The Wadi Rum has many archaeological remains, which date back to 3000BC.

Besides Jordan’s Wadi Rum, there is another important site in the kingdom. It is in the Jezreel valley. This is a holy site for Muslims. According to the Islamic faith, Jezreel is the location of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the last holy place of the Holy Family.

Jordan possesses many other world heritage sites worth visiting. One of them is the Kabalah archaeological site, located in northern Jordan. It is a pre-Christian monastic community built in the 2nd century BC. The site holds a number of prominent ruins, which date back to the ancient Epiphany period. Other important sites in Jordan are the Al-Gabel and Tell el Dawla monasteries, which have a very important role in Byzantine religious history. These two monasteries play an important role in hosting thousands of visitors every year.

The Al-Nasser mosque is another must-see in Jordan. This is one of the oldest mosques in the world, which was built during the golden age of Islam. According to the Islamic religion, the site holds a hall of fame, which contains pictures of the founder of Islam and several other famous figures from the past and present.

Sea Gate Refers Fable Structure

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The Sea Gate refers to a fabled structure on the River Jordan. The gate was destroyed during the biblical era. However, recent studies reveal that the site has, in fact, housed a large ancient city, which has been deserted for several centuries. Other important sites in Jordan include Madaba, which is the largest ancient settlement in the world.

Jezreel valley and its surrounding area are considered to be one of the world’s top tourist attractions. It is home to the world’s oldest cities – Jericho and Masada. Apart from these, it is also known for its archaeological remains. In addition to the Jordan World Heritage Site, the Wadi Rum is a must-visit site. This is an oasis on the Jordan River that provides a haven for birds and animals alike.

Jordan is home to a number of attractions. Therefore, tourists are not limited to just Jordan. Tourists can travel to Egypt, India, China, Nepal and Europe. The Jordan tour package also includes all these places and more.

Archaeological Role

Archaeological remains play an important role in understanding the early history of Jordan. The excavations at the Qumran caves and Seville Caves have revealed numerous archaeological remains. The Dead Sea Scrolls also shed light on the earliest periods in Israel history. Jordan’s Sea Bed contains many ancient artefacts dating from the Iron Age and the golden age. Jordan’s Dead Sea region possesses many archaeological remains, which include Dead Sea salt deposits and pottery.

Jordan is home to a wide variety of landscapes. Therefore, every Jordan World Heritage site has something unique to offer visitors. Some of the most popular sites in Jordan include Aqaba, Hurghada, Asilah, Safaga, Big hair, The Wadi Rum and Jezreel. In addition to Jordan’s historical sites, Jordan is also famous for its wildlife sites, as it is home to a number of endangered species.

Jordan is home to many religious sites. Many people visit Jordan to witness the religious ceremonies at some of the world heritage sites in the country. Many Christians believe that Jordan was the forerunner of Christianity. At the site of St. Peter’s Church in Taba, you will find pictures depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At Masada, you can see the remnants of palaces built by the Palaces of Solomon. These are just a few of the religious sites, which are a must-see during your Jordan tour.

Bottom Line

The Jordan tourist board takes great care to preserve Jordan’s heritage site. This effort has paid off as Jordan is one of the world’s top heritage sites. Therefore, Jordan tours offer souvenirs and re-useable gift items, which you can give as gifts or souvenirs to friends and family back home. Other souvenirs include a Jordan travel guide, passport and visa gift. A Jordan tour allows you to enjoy both sightseeing and adventure in one country. Hence, when planning your next vacation, choose a Jordan travel tour.

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