Hand Held Mirror Vintage-Style Design


Put on your makeup without the hassle using this Hand Held Mirror Vintage-Style Design! It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals! You may ask why you need a small mirror if you already have a dresser with a large mirror at home. If you notice, most beauty vloggers and gurus use a handheld mirror, and it’s not just for aesthetic. A handheld mirror is beneficial when applying precise makeup. It is ideal to use when you’re drawing your eyebrows or to line your lips. It allows you to have a closer look on your face so you can see tiny details that you, otherwise, won’t notice on large mirrors.

Hand-Held Mirror Vintage-Style Design

Features Of Hand Held Mirror Vintage-Style Design

The mirror is the favorite friend of ladies and girls. When it comes to old things, they will not leave any stone unturned to purchase such items. One such product is the handheld mirror. The Hand Held Mirror is perfect as a gift; It can be given as party giveaways. It has a unique vintage-style design; Comfortable to hold, portable, and lightweight. The product is ideal for putting on makeup with precision; Provides a zoomed-in clear view of the face. The material of the product is ABS Plastic, Mirror, and the size is 25 x 11.2cm. The size of the mirror is approx. 11.2cm. For doing detail makeup on the eyes and the face, such a mirror is very comfortable. Such a mirror will help you to have a close reflection on your face so that you can do proper makeup. Many people who have eyesight problems find such hand mirrors comfortable to use.

Comfortable To Hold

This mirror has a curved handle, which makes it easy and convenient for you to hold. The advantage of this is that it won’t tire your hands quickly. Also, you can adjust the angle of the mirror easily by repositioning your hand. This way, you can get a better view of your face or catch better lighting. Aside from that, the advantage of a handheld mirror is that it is portable so you can use it anywhere. Whereas as dresser mirror is too bulky and just stationary, you can check on your makeup anytime and anywhere with this handheld mirror

Great Gift Idea

What makes it unique from the others is that it comes in a vintage-style design. It has curvy intricate details that give it that retro type of look. This makes it perfect for giving as a gift, and for sure, both kids and adults would love this one. You can also give it to your guests as a party favor for your birthday or wedding. Just tie a card and a beautiful ribbon on it and its gift-worthy already. Finally, it is high-quality and lightweight thanks to its plastic material. The price of the product is reasonable, and the mirror comes in a beautiful case, so do not worry about the breakage.