Great Gift Choice For Special Occasions! High Polish And From Professional Quality Steel Material!

Do you love collecting unique rings or medieval items? Then, you can’t miss this incredible souvenir ring. This ring in stainless silver has an intricate design of the Knights of the Templar. The design features a cross that’s engraved on the top with two swords on the sides. Extremely captivating and unique, this ring is perfect for proud members, medieval enthusiasts, and those who love collectibles or rings. 

Stainless Steel Souvenir Ring

Many people are fond of collecting things and what can be better than collecting souvenirs? This souvenir ring is a perfect piece for every enthusiastic collector out there! Depicting the love and sacrifice of the Knights of the Templar, this ring is what you need to make your existing collection standout. 

No matter whether you adore collectibles or are a proud Masonic member of the military order, this souvenir ring is perfect for you. The design of this ring is incredible. It features an intricate Masonic Red Cross on the top with two swords piercing it from the sides. Each side of the ring features the cross with the shield. A ring that will truly make you a proud part of the community!

The ring is made from high-end, anti-tarnish, and robust stainless steel. The finishing of this ring is of superior-quality and won’t fade, leave stains, or change color. The ring is of the right size and weight and ideal for men and women alike. Maintaining and caring for the ring is not a hassle. Grab the ring in the silver or golden finish as per your style!

Show your love for Jesus Christ and Jerusalem by showcasing this ring on your finger. This ring will reveal your true feelings for the ‘Son of God’ and the holy place. The ring is also perfect for those who have been to the holy site or wish to go there. Something that also makes for an ideal masonic gift for jewelry or collectible lovers!


Pros Of Stainless Steel Souvenir Ring

  • High-quality stainless steel ring.
  • Intricate Knights Templar design.
  • Anti-tarnish, odorless, and robust.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Makes for an ideal masonic jewelry gift.
  • Great as a souvenir.

Cons Of Stainless Steel Souvenir Ring

  • The ring may lose its shine if not maintained properly. You need to clean the ring with a dry cloth and keep it away from moisture.  


This ring inspired by Knights of the Templar design is perfect for people who love souvenirs or collectibles. Made of anti-tarnish and durable stainless steel, it is a piece of jewelry that is designed to last longer.  The ring doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it looking its best. It is a perfect buy if you love collecting souvenirs or are a medieval enthusiast. The ring is also great to showcase your love for the Knights of the Templar and serves as an incredible masonic gift for anyone you know.

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