Grave Monuments – The Historical Perspectives You Failed To Check

grave monuments

To keep with the legacy of a loved one huge grave monuments are erected. The grave monument has sometimes inscribed on itself the date of birth and the day when he passed away. Quotes also known as epitaphs are engraved on the grave monument. Typically, everyone thinks of only tombstones that could be used. There is a wide variety of grave monuments and burial monument styles one can choose from. The grave monuments are larger and often bigger than other cemetery markers.

The Basics

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Monuments and headstones are quite similar when it comes to their shape, but the former are very big, often life-size. A flat grave marker is chosen by many, instead of an upright tombstone or headstone. A ground burial comes with some preconditions like the place or various ground rules. It is often seen that people prefer to engrave the deceased saying or quotes. Grave burial is a traditional funeral practice of Jews, Christians, and Muslims all around the world. In Europe, people often inscribed photographs of their loved ones on the headstone.

Different Types Of Grave Markers

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There are a variety of grave markers to choose from big to small ones. It all depends on the choice, location, and the family. No matter what the size it should become a marker to always remember that loved one.


They come as the most common type of grave markers used in a gravesite. The main purpose of it is to identify the person in the gravesite. To customize them more, if the person was in the military his /her division is marked on the headstone. The married couple’s headstones are often quite similar and are often next to each other.


It is often an object or a structure to remind people of the deceased. If the deceased is cremated his ashes could be spread in a backyard and a garden can be grown over it. Plants to be grown could be according to the taste of the deceased or a bench could be erected in the memory of the deceased. Granite, bronze are durable materials and could be used in the making of a memorial.

Grave Monument

The shape of the grave monument and headstone is similar. Grave monuments come in a wide variety of shapes ranging from a lion, to an angel looking over the tomb or could be a long spindle. The spindle monument is thin and not very wide but often is very tall, stands erect. Grave monuments are often three-dimensional. Images and quotes are then inscribed around the grave monument. In a graveyard a variety of monuments can be seen like an angel looking over the grave or an animal that represents the person. For years slate and sandstones were used to erect these monuments but these are highly susceptible to weathering and not really suitable for today’s condition and granite is cement is the go-to choice.


Whatever be the marker it should represent your loved one, his legacy. Grave monuments are very often preferred by the family of the deceased as they are life-size and represent what the person was. It helps in keeping their legacy alive.

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