Finding Out More About a Gravestone Near Me

gravestone near me

If you have a loved one or someone you love buried in your yard, you may want to find out where your friend or family member’s gravestone is. It can be very difficult to find out this information, as it rests in a private location. This can be especially true if that person was known to be very secretive about their burial. You should think about the fact that they could have left their grave to get away from a situation or to hide something from you. If they had told you where they had gone, you might be able to find out where they went after their passing.

There are places around the United States where you can go and dig up a gravestone near you. A lot of these are cemeteries that have been established years ago, though not always. Others are actually real sites with gravestones in them, but no current memorial signs. In some cases, you will even find historical markers that have been removed from a building. These can tell you a great deal about the history of the building and who may have lived there.

Gravestone Near Me


Some sites will let you search through their database to see if you can find anything of value. Most of these sites allow you to see pictures as well as basic information about each gravestone. Some allow you to do a limited search through their records to find any matching information. The more comprehensive ones allow you to search multiple databases for a set price. They will charge you based on how much information you need to retrieve.

Some of the larger online databases that let you do searches will be affiliated with historical societies. This means that they are associated with cemeteries that have been identified as having certain historical significance. In turn, these organizations are allowed to have these markers placed at these cemeteries. Therefore, you might have a greater chance of being able to find what you are looking for.

If all else fails, you could always look in the local newspaper. Chances are good that this paper has done just that. Many times you will be able to find obituaries. This can help you piece together some of the clues. In some instances, you may even be able to find out more about the person who is buried at the site.

A Much Ado 


As you dig through the information that you gather, you may want to consider speaking to others who may have had a similar experience. This is something that is not always considered when dealing with grave markers. However, it is something that should be given some thought. You never know who may be a knowledgeable individual that can help you find the information that you need.

Speaking of information, you also want to make sure that you stay away from any sites that try to charge you for access to this information. Remember, you do not have to pay anything. There are many reputable and completely free sites that you can use. If there is something that is particularly noteworthy about this person, you may want to consider contacting the law enforcement agencies for additional details. However, remember, you do not have to follow up on every single lead that you receive.

Final Words 

While there are many different things that you can do to try to find out more about a loved one who has been graveside, there is not one specific resource that you can use. Take some time and consider what your options are. You may be surprised at just what you can find.

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