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hall of monuments

Hall of monuments is one of the ancient cities that existed along with Rome. It was built around the third century BC by the Greek king Aratus. The city which was known as the home of the god Zeus is considered to be the best example of classical civilization. Other than these reasons, it is also well famed for its beautiful statue of Zeus and bust of the goddess Athena. The statue of the king of gods was removed from the area sometime back but it can now be seen in the Olympic stadium. This particular site was used during the ancient Olympics.

The Aura Of Classical Divinity

A large clock tower towering over a city

Tourists from all over the world visit this place all through the year to pay their respects to the Greek gods and goddesses. There are many places in this city that depict the activities performed by the Greeks in the past. Most of them are located in a park named Lover’s hill. Here you will find various sculptures and other natural structures. Among them are the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Arch of Titus.

The Magnificence Statues


There are many reasons behind the placement of the statues in this particular region. The first one is that it helped them to hide the weapons and other war paraphernalia of the past. These were placed here so that they can beabilia for those who visit the site. They are also meant to remind those coming to the area about the glorious history of the place. Many of the visitors also like to see the hidden artefacts that can be found in the area.

Explicit Workmanship That Tells Chronicles Of Sufferings

Another reason is to guard the soldiers who fought and suffered from tortures in ancient times. These are the dead soldiers who have been cremated. Today, they are buried under the statues of the Gods. In order to protect these soldiers, the place has been converted into a national monument known as the National Military Museum.

Precious Assets Of Archeology

Another fascinating fact about the location is that there is no archaeological site that is covered completely. Therefore, there are lots of things that you can find in this place. One of them is a statue of the wrestler Aesculapius. This figure is found near Theatre C and it was made during the 2nd century BC. It is said that he used to teach young Odysseus about Greek discipline.

The Celestial Aestheticism

There is also a statue of the Roman goddess, Cupid. This is found in the Forum. According to the myth, Cupid fell from heaven and sought to fertilize Aphrodite. When Aphrodite refused, Cupid created many angels to fertilize her. This is why we know that he loved the goddess and many times prayed to her.

Expressive Ancient Journals

You can also find the best odds, which is the king of Latium. This bust is made out of marble. It is not uncommon to see Latian kings displayed on the tabletops. The bust of dos is thought to be the first Christian image and was found in the church of San Bartolome. Many Christians consider him to be the model of Christ. Today, it can be found in several churches all over the world.

Wrapping Up

There are many statues of animals and persons that can be found throughout the world. For example, there is a statue of a lioness that was found at the ancient site of Tanagra. This creature was found by archaeologists while conducting research at the site. She is thought to have been an ancient goddess. Other examples include a bronze statue of a lion, which can be found in the National Museum of Denmark.

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