About Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has been home to the ancient Inca Empire and is beautifully located among the mountains of the Andes in Peru. The site is now a popular tourist attraction with and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Here are some of the interesting facts that will help you know more about the place.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

1. The Largest Empire Of Its Time

The Inca Empire was one of the largest empires, but it suffered from lack of wheels and animals to transport heavy items from one place to another. The entire kingdom is of stones. The Incas mastered the art of joining two rocks together. The art is so well that not even a knife could pass through the rocks.

2. The Lost City

Machu Picchu is also known as the “Lost City of Incas.” The Spanish defeated the Incas but never found the city. Moreover, this was a remarkable feature in itself as the city remained protected for an extended period. Due to the mountain, the town could not be seen from the below, and hence it remained saved during the Spanish invasion.

3. Far Away From The Limelight

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

The city was built for the emperor around 1450, and after the Spanish conquest, the locals moved out of the town. Only the locals knew about the place for a long time. Until it was 1911, the city came into limelight by an American historian.

4. Theories About The Cities

There are a ton of theories regarding why the Machu Picchu city was built for. Many believed that the town was created for the coronation of the King. While some believe that the center acted as a trade hub or a prison. The theories are endless and entertain tourists from time to time.

5. The Most Visited Place In South America

The mountain setting and the winds of fresh air adds charm to the scenic beauty of the area. Every year thousands of visitors visit Machu Picchu, making it the most visited attraction of Peru. The government has made special provisions for the site. No aircraft can fly above the place while the numbers of tourist are limited to 2,500 per day. Further, the tourists have to obtain a permit and a guide to hiking the mountain.

6. Theories Regarding Why The Place Was Left Abandoned

No one knows why the Incas left the area. The civilization had no written document to come into a conclusion. The site was a safe spot during the Spanish Invasion, yet the locals chose a different place. The exact reason is still unknown while many believe it was smallpox that fled the population away.

There are thousands of stories about one of the greatest civilization of our time which fills the tourists with fun and excitement. Peru has been able to attract a great number of tourists every day and was able to capitalize well on one of their greatest assets. On the other hand, the government loves to keep the sanity around and has made laws to protect and preserve the monument for a long time.

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