Facts About World History That Can Make People Amazed

World history is an enormous subject as it comprises the history of this humongous globe. Centuries ago, the practice for world history or global history emerged, and historians like Karl Marx, Voltaire, Hegel, and Arnold J. discovered so many amazing facts of the subject. The late 20th century was the time when people started showing interest in global history, more actively. Since then, people are still excited to know about world history. Here are some of the amazing facts of all time that historians have discovered over the ages.

The Discovery Of America- Facts About World History

12 October 1492, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America. But there are some other people also who explored it before Columbus. And they are none other than the Vikings who were the Ancient Norse sea experts. Their chief Leif Eriksson found the coasts of America before Columbus in A.D. 1000. Canada is the present place where he landed.

The Dreadful Murder Of The Richest Man Of Rome- Facts About World History

The Roman general and politician Marcus Licinius Crassus was the key transformer of the Roman Empire and the richest man of Rome. It is famous that he had a never-ending thirst for wealth that made him rich as well as became the reason of his dreadful demise. He launched a campaign against the Parthian Empire, but it became unsuccessful, and that caused Crassus’ defeat in the Battle of Carrhae. In 53 B.C., the Parthians brutally killed Crassus by pouring molten gold in his throat. Such a horrifying death it was! The murder symbolized Crassus’ thirst for wealth.

Facts About World History That Can Make People Amazed
Facts About World History That Can Make People Amazed

The Death Of Julius Caesar- Facts About World History

Another personality who was behind the rise of the Roman Empire was the Gaius Julius Caesar, whose death was also very pathetic like Crassus’. Not only a statesman, but he was an established author and historian of his time. His murder seems more pathetic in global history because his best friend Brutus led the group of fellow Roman Senators for the assassination of Caesar. On 15 March 44 B. C., they stabbed Julius Caesar for at least 23 consecutive times until he breathed for the last time. 

The Burial Of The Mentally Alive Alexander

Burial of an alive person sounds so much freaky, but what if it has happened in real life? Well, the modern scientists claim the same regarding the burial of Alexander the Great, who reigned over the largest land-based empire ever seen. It was 323 B.C. when Alexander declared dead due to sudden illness, which made him suffer from immense pain for 12 long days.

However, it had been six days of his so-called demise that the corpse didn’t show any sign of decomposition, but still, he was buried. Modern scientists claim that he had the Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder, and his mind was still aware while he seemed dead because of his paralyzed body. That means it was an accidental burial of the alive Alexander!

Facts About World History That Can Make People Amazed
Facts About World History That Can Make People Amazed

The Man Who Survived The Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

Yes, you have read that right. There was one particular man who fortunately survived and witnessed the fierceness of atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was a Naval Engineer, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who was present in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 for a business trip. And he survived during the blast with some wounds. On the next day, he took a train and overnight reached Nagasaki, which was his hometown. But unfortunately, on 9 August 1945, he witnessed the atomic blast there and fortunately survived again.

Bottom Line

The global history is filled with amazing facts like this, and one article is not enough to share them with you. I hope I’ll bring more of them to you very soon. Till then keep your thirst for historical knowledge alive.

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