Facts About The Taj Mahal To Amaze You

Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets

The Taj Mahal is easily one of the best wonders of architecture. It not only shows the rich history of India but also the excellence of craftsmanship. Besides that, it stands as a symbol of love. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered its construction as a mausoleum for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Even after many decades, it attracts the attention of tourists in India as well as all over the world. However, there are many facts about this white marvel unknown to people. Let us make an effort to find out some interesting facts about this architectural wonder.

The Wonder Monument
The Wonder Monument

A Mammoth Project:

The construction of Taj Mahal involved the efforts of over 22,000 people including embroidery artists, laborers, stonecutters, and painters. The massive efforts put in the construction for almost 17 years helped in the creation of this beautiful monument. The white monument has stood the test of time and this provides enough evidence for the perfection in its construction. The chief architect Ahmed Lahauri coordinated the construction project. Interestingly, over 1000 elephants carried the burden of materials required for building this monument.

Changing Moods Of A Woman:

The colors of the Taj Mahal keep changing at different times of the day. The changing colors of the building reflect the changing moods of Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of Emperor Shah Jahan. The color of the monument in the morning has a pinkish hue while it turns milky white or golden in the evening. The color changes to silver at night especially when it comes under the moonlight.

Rounds Of Rumours:

One of the notable rumors about this unique monument is the hand chopping one. It is believed that Emperor Shah Jahan issued an order to chop off the hands of every worker. According to rumors, the Emperor did not want anyone else to build another Taj Mahal. Another legend says that Shah Jahan wanted to build another monument like the white marvel but with black marble on the other side of River Yamuna. However, the war of Shah Jahan with his sons put those plans to a halt.

Perfection And Vision In Architecture:

The Taj Mahal

The unique feature of this building is the massive white dome at the top. This dome is also called as ‘Onion Dome’ and measures around 35 meters in height. The onion dome is also surrounded by four domes. Besides that, the total height of the structure stands at a humongous 561 feet or 171 meters. The time and efforts put in the construction of the monument leave little room to doubt its elegance.

Appealing To The Present Times:

The minarets surrounding the tomb are designed with slightly outward tilt. The design precaution is meant for earthquakes so that the minarets would fall away from the tomb. Presently, the four minarets surrounding the tomb are equipped with xenon lamps for providing illumination. The lighting effect is definitely an improvement for the visual appeal of the monument. However, the white marvel is gradually giving in to wear and tear as well as the effects of pollution. Therefore, precautionary measures are put in place for people visiting the mausoleum. White paper shoes are recommended for preventing any damage to the existing structure.

Definitely a wonder of architecture in the true sense!

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