Famous Tower Of Pisa

The leaning tower of Pisa is in Pisa, Italy. The construction of the tower was completed in two phases. The architects involved in the construction of the tower are Gherardo di Gherardo, Bonanno Pisano, Giovanni di Simone, Giovanni Pisano. The first phase of the construction of the Pisa tower is completed by Gherardo di Gherardo and Bonanno Pisano. Similarly, the second phase of the construction done by Giovanni di Simone and Giovanni Pisano.

Finally, Tommaso Pisano completed the Pisa tower. It takes a long period of construction time to get finished. The construction started in the year 1173 and the construction finished in the year 1399. The tower heights about sixty meters. About 296 stairs are there to reach the top.

Pisa Tower Is Leaned In Many Directions

Pisa tower has a southward tilt. The engineers involved in the construction have tried to build it straight upward, but due to the gravitational force, the tower leaned in several directions. However, it takes decades to correct the lean of the tower. At the end of the 13th century, when the construction is at the final stage, the tilt settled in a southward direction.

Stolen Money Sponsored The Construction

Pisa city government was required to show the treasure sacked from Palermo. In 1063, the treasure was stolen from Sicily. Like any prospered city, Pisa also wanted to invest the money in huge building or construction. So the authority had decided to invest the money in building the huge Pisa tower.

It Is Not The Only Tower Of Pisa

Facts About The Famous Pisa Tower Of Italy

Facts About The Famous Pisa Tower Of Italy

There is more than one leaning tower in the town. Though this is the most famous leaning tower of Pisa, two more towers are there in Borgo Stretto.  Because of the soft subsoil in the entire region, the towers are leaned in the town. After this famous Pisa tower, bell tower of St. Nicola is the famous leaning tower.

The Tower Creates Surprising Imbalances

Facts About The Famous Pisa Tower Of Italy
Facts About The Famous Pisa Tower Of Italy

Originally the tower is 60 meters in height. After the tilt, the tower is 55.8 meter at the lowest side and reaches 56.67 meters at highest side. By the year 1990, the tilt of the tower reached about 5.5 degrees. The angles were capable of toppling it over, as it was about fifteen feet from the base. Fortunately, a huge restoration program reduced further tilt of the tower.

The tilt only reduced to 3.97 degrees by the restoration. There are 296 steps in the staircase to reach the top of the tower on the north side whereas 294 steps at the south side.

Finally The Tower Is Stable

After many construction and restoration, in the 21st century, the tower got stable. It is declared officially that, the tower is stable for the next two hundred years. Many engineers and architects have experimented in many different ways to stabilize the tower. Engineers have incorporated new technology in 2008 in order to stabilize the tower.

Pisa tower of Italy is one of the most unique constructions in the world. The tower has attracted many tourists towards it all these years. The fascinating history associated with tower also creates curiosity among the visitors.  

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