Explore The Underground City- Rome

Explore The Underground City- Rome

It takes a number of years to establish and build a city. Well, the story goes the same as the capital of Italy- Rome. But do you know beneath the beautiful city another city exist? This city is known as underground Rome. The Complex structure beneath is made of big mysterious tunnels and quarries. And this has not evolved now, but it is ancient since the city exists. The city, like other European cities, has beautiful architecture. The modern Rome architecture is drowned with big buildings attached to others and roofs; part of the building is a lovely attraction of the city.

Explore The Underground City- Rome
Explore The Underground City- Rome

The street life and busy valley floors with the side by side the resident areas are another specialty of the city. The tunnels, of which very few of us know, are still in the process of mapping. You must be wondering that how civilization got an idea of constructing tunnels beneath the roman streets? Then for your surprise, the tunnels are natural. The tunnels are made of volcanic eruptions like mushroom farming and catacombs, which happened during world war second. Well, there is a quick brief of the mysterious tunnels beneath the grounds of Rome.

Well, If you are planning to tour the underground cities, then Tome is one of them. You will get to experience the exciting beaten track paths. You will feel definitely feel as you are in a time machine. Here you go with the five such underground places in Rome that will make you feel out of the world.

Experience The Christian Catacomb: Rome

This is something exciting, and you will love to explore. You will find these catacombs outside the city wall to the Appian Way. These are like a narrow underground lane where the walls have graves for the dead bodies for vertical rest. You will hit a thrilling experience altogether if you get this way.

Explore The Underground City- Rome
Explore The Underground City- Rome

Colosseum Dungeon

Your trip is incomplete if you fail to visit this area. Shortly it has opened for the tourist visit. The area is restricted for the animals to visit. This underground passage has graffiti artwork on the marbles that represent the animals In the cage crafted by the speculators.

Vicus Caprarius

The place is under Trevi fountains and is converted into water storage tanks. This tank still supplies water to Trevi fountains. There are two sites to see under the fountain; one is the luxury rooms, and the other one is the storage tanks.

Capuchin Crypt

This crypt is beneath the lady of capuchins, and you won’t believe this is made of real human bones. So the youngest visitors to the site have altogether an exciting time here. You can explore many things around as well.

Beneath St Clement’s Basilica

The st. Clemente has two narrow passages that lead to the houses of noblemen. One narrow passage goes right down to the Mithraeum. The temple is of lord Mithra. This is a great historic structure and a complete worth it experiences to cherish and explore.

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