Egyptian Replica For Historical Home Display

Do you love Egypt and its ancient story? Then you will surely love this Egyptian replica! You will find tons of them online which you can choose from. They will certainly find the perfect spot in your home, workplace, and even in your own studio. This replica is made from high-quality materials so rest assured that it will last for a long time. As we all know, Egypt was filled with histories and amazing stories from the past. You will get to know the kings and queens who ruled the ancient world.

Egyptian Replica You Will Love

Top Collection Egyptian Osiris Statue 8.75-Inch Hand Painted Figurine

There is nothing more ancient than to have an Egyptian replica in your house. The gold hues will add up to its super vintage effect. This amazing statue measures 8.75″ tall. As we all know, Osiris is not a merciful judge of the dead but also in the underworld. He is known as the “Lord of love”. This will be a perfect add on in your studio or even in your living area. It is also packed in a beautiful gift box.

PTC 11 Inch Egyptian Osiris Mythological God Resin Statue Figurine

When you order this amazing Egyptian replica, you will surely love its beautiful package. You can also give it a gift to your friends and loved ones. It has a measurement of H: 11. It is made from high-quality resin which will last for a long time.

Top Collection Egyptian Canopic Jar- Anubis Statue in Cold Cast Bronze

This beautiful Egyptian replica was made from real bronze powder mixed with resin and hand-painted with a bronze finish to give the ancient result of the body and interior. It has a measurement of 10.5 inches tall. This ancient jar was actually used in ancient time for the process of mummification in Egypt. It is used by the ancients to preserve the viscera of their dead loved ones.

Design Toscano Anubis the Jackal God Wall Egyptian Wall Sculpture

If you are into wall sculpture then you will love this Egyptian replica. You will love its black skin and gold details with a measurement of 10″Wx8.5″ Dx15″H. It is made from real crushed stone with high-quality composite resin and it is also hand-painted in bright Egyptian hues. It also has two slots for hanging in the wall. Your friends will love this since it is packed with the delicate paper package.

SUMMIT COLLECTION Black and Gold Anubis Scales of Justice Egyptian Statuette

Summit Collection is known when it comes to ancient replica such as this Egyptian replica. It is made from cold cast resin and painted in lovely Egyptian hues for that ancient effect. It has a measurement of L: 4.25″ x W: 3.75″ x H: 7.5″. It is one of the manufacturer’s first and original Egyptian design.

Design Toscano Egyptian Decor Eye of Horus Wall Sculpture Plaque

This Egyptian replica has the son of Isis and Osiris, Horus. It is made from real crushed stone bonded with imported resin and hand-painted with lovely colors of a palette of Egyptian color. It has a measurement of 12″Wx1.5″ Dx8.5″H that weighs around 2 lbs. With its ancient look, you will surely feel as if you are walking in ancient times.

These are just some of the choices of Egyptian replica which you can choose from. They are finely made to last for a long time. You will certainly love its materials and paints. A surefire display in your living area or workplace.

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