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Renaissance art was a time of rebirth in the arts. This period in art history is marked by new techniques in painting, sculpting, and architecture. The renaissance is considered to have started in Florence, Italy in the 14th century and lasted until the 16th century.

The renaissance period is considered to have ended in the 16th century because of this change in focus. However, the techniques and styles developed during this time are still studied and admired by artists today. The renaissance was a time of great creativity and innovation in the arts.

Renaissance Artists

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The renaissance era is said to have ended because much of renaissance art was about humanism and man’s achievements, it left little room for the divine imagination so prevalent in medieval times. Some of the most famous renaissance artists include

During this time, many famous works of art were created, including the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. One of the most famous renaissance painters is


Renaissance art is often characterized by its realism and use of perspective. Painters during this time paid close attention to detail and tried to create scenes that looked as if they could be realistically depicted in a painting. This focus on realism helped to usher in the renaissance movement and bring about a renewed interest in the arts.

Renaissance art is characterized by its realism and the way that it captures the true essence of a person or thing. This was done through the use of perspective, which gave renaissance artists the ability to create incredibly lifelike paintings and sculptures. In addition, renaissance art also tended to be very symmetrical and often used geometric patterns. This was likely because renaissance artists were heavily influenced by classical art, which is known for its symmetry and precise detailing.

Advancements In Perspective

The renaissance period saw advancements in perspective. This refers to giving an


Overall, renaissance art was a time of

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