Discovering Historical Products For Your Home

Discovering Historical Products For Your Home

You always go through many historical facts in books or by visiting the museum. But, you can discover historical products even in your home. Some home decors and products are carrying the legacy forward.

Quill Pens

Quill pens are one of the most important historical products you may have in your home. You can find the historical reference of quill pens from the thirteenth century to the eighteenth century and afterward also. Historical events like Magna Carta in 1215, signing of US independence in 1776 – all these historical events had a connection with quill pens.

Writing with quill pens is not conventional nowadays. But if you are an ardent fan of medieval literature and inspired by it, using this pen can make you nostalgic.

Discovering Historical Products For Your Home
Discovering Historical Products For Your Home

Berkenmeyer and Rummer – Historical Wine Products

Probably every house has a good set of a wine glass. But some of the glass sets have great historical relevance.

Berkenmeyer and Rummer are beautiful examples of handicrafts with their historical values. History reflects that the origin of Berkenmeyer glasses was the Netherlands. Around the 17th century, it became one of the most important export goods, probably all-around the world.

On the other hand, Rummer was almost like Berkenmeyer, but it lagged the flared bowl. Also, it had thinner walls. History referenced this type of wine glass around the third century AD. These glasses not only help you to have a good time, but it also brings a flair to your home decoration.

Discovering Historical Products For Your Home
Discovering Historical Products For Your Home


This home product is also linked with wine and ancient Rome. Though, after the fall of the Roman Empire, this type of decanters was made by bronze and other metals rather than using glass. The revival of glass decanters was linked with the renaissance period with a slender neck, connecting to the wide body, which allows the reaction with air. Around 1730, decanters came with stoppers, stopping the air exposure of the liquid fluid.

Today, you can find decanters in different homes that carry the old legacy and not exposed to the change of modernization. Though new types of decanters are now available in the market, the old decanters tell the story of their journey through time.

Replica Coins – Historical Products Throughout Time

Replica coins are also the most glorified part of our history. Having replica coins in your home helps you to understand the occurrence of different changes throughout time. Every other kingdom changed the coins to glorify their dynasties. So, it gives you a proper and chronological aspect of history lessons.

Even the use of different metals during different eras helps us to know the origin and availability of the metals.

A replica coin shows your keen interest in these matters also. So, replica coins can be a great addition to your home decor also.

Miniature Canons

Miniature canons are also a beautiful piece of decoration you can have in your home. You can probably hear the sound of this old artillery through the ravages of time. Throughout history, you can find many famous canons. Even some canons became a part of a historical place or museum. This token of history allows you to feel the devastation of the battlefields throughout history.

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