Ruined Roman Republic

Fall Of The Western Roman Empire

The decline Of Democracy in ancient Rome has been because of several reasons. The constitution of the U.S. has a lot of debts to Rome. This is because the founders of the United States were very much aware of Roman History. Previously there were a lot of comparisons drawn between ancient Rome and also the United States. The republic of Rome existed for 482 years, and there was a total of 1500 years o imperial rule. This is, in fact, the most extended rule that the world has ever seen.

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Decline Of Democracy In The Ruined Roman Republic

What Do Historians Have To Say About The Decline Of Democracy in Rome?

Historians are conscientious when they are trying to apply their lessons from one particular culture to another culture. There are also a lot of differences between the modern United States and ancient Rome. Rome was called the iron age city for several reasons. The government-sponsored the religion of this particular place. The government often took decisions trying to look into the entrails of the ship. The class system that the Romans followed was extremely rigid. They mostly depended on slave labor and were extremely intolerant of daily violence. This was truly horrifying.

Here Are Some Details About The People Of Rome

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Ruined Roman Republic

The feeling of patriotism among the people of Rome was very much unique. After winning the second punic war in the year 201 B.C., he became hegemonic. As a result of this, the military power of Rome increased to a great extent. The position was very similar to that of the United States after they won the world war II. This win in Rome also resulted in a baby boom. Several wealthy elites were born during this time. They were the ones who were able to have a reasonable influence on politics as well. This way, they tried to push their agenda. It is these similarities that make this comparison worth listening to.

After world war II, there were new sources that came into power. There were also new forms of both administrations as well as management that filled the gap. This also created some injustice and uneasiness at times. This thus created very new sectors of wealth. These sorts of economic as well as social changes also happened in the Roman Republic. This led to politics finally turning ultimately violent in the year 130 B.C. There was a secret ballot system that was introduced at this point. As a result of this, the Roman factions and the politicians found it difficult to keep a tab on the voters. Finally, the politicians had to create their brand that they could also apply to the masses. There was also a reformation that happened in the military powers.

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