Creating A Timeline Of World History Website

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It also affords those students a glimpse into political systems throughout the world as well as the individuals who governed those nations. Many schools include courses that focus on world history in their curriculum, and there are numerous websites that offer details regarding the history of the world in general. Students can even download apps that allow them to explore the relationships between world cultures and key leaders from past centuries.

A timeline of world history is one of the most popular educational tools available today. It not only teaches students about world events, but it also gives a great glimpse into how different people and cultures developed over time. With such detail and richness, it allows the student to see how seemingly small events that unfold over time can have huge consequences for the entire world.

Important Dates

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The timeline shows us important dates such as historical dates, battles, and political events. They also serve to remind us of important milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. They highlight major milestones such as the Industrial Revolution in England or the release of the atomic bomb. They show the growth and development of certain countries around the world, including the United States. In essence, they help us learn the significance of every tiny event in world history.

The timeline also provides educational value. For example, a student who studies world history will learn more about the concept of time and how it relates to the larger picture. They will be able to better understand why certain actions were taken at a particular moment in time, or why a world leader may make some controversial decisions. They will gain an in-depth understanding of how different cultures and nations relate to time. All this allows them to learn more about the minds of world leaders and the inspiration that allowed them to pursue their goals and create monuments that still stand to this day.

The Educational Benefit

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The timeline can serve another purpose besides the educational benefit. For families, a timeline of world events provides them with a glimpse into the lives of their ancestors. Since most families only have one family member who can preserve written information, oral history often becomes lost over the course of time. A visual record can remind them of the stories told between generations and relay important details they may have missed. It also serves as a timeline of world events that they can consult for reference.

There are several ways to customize your timeline. If you would like to include captions, there are many websites that offer free clip art or simple images that you can insert in your timeline. Some people choose not to use pictures but rather write their own notes and place the dates in quotations. It’s up to you! This is important to remember because the timeline can become a tool to teach history or inspire people. You don’t want to limit yourself to just words; you should also include everything from drawings to videos.

Historical Events

An interesting way to incorporate pictures into the timeline of world events is to take multiple images during different historical events. Then, you can merge all of them into one cohesive image. For example, you can take a picture of Abraham and paste it into the timeline of Abraham and His birth. 

You can then use that picture in the next timeline of Abraham and the incident that occurred after his birth. Each subsequent image will tell a new story about Abraham and provide a clearer picture of the man. This is a great way to give emphasis to the historical accuracy of various dates and individuals.


One important element to the timeline of world history is the period of time that certain dates fall within. You should note that the dates on the timeline do not necessarily follow a straight line. They can be off by a couple of days or even months. This can be particularly problematic if an important event such as the atomic bomb was to take place in a country whose borders are very shaky. For this reason, you may want to use images that are a slight distance away from each other. This will allow you to create a smooth timeline of world history for your website without having to make too many drastic changes.

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