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It is not new to everyone; we all know how the world came into existence. Still, some facts are unknown to everyone because the history of the world is vast. Nobody can learn it in one day. And most of the facts are not major; still, it plays an important role. Moreover, they are fun and interesting. Do you know those facts about the history of the world?

Here are the tidbits that made the history interesting yet remained unknown.

Strange But Interesting History Of The World Facts

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Turkeys Were God Once

America’s Thanksgiving festival has been celebrated since 300 B.C. Turkeys hold very much importance in its history. But, did you know that once these black and grey feathered birds were treated as God?

It’s because they symbolize prestige and power. During the era of the Maya people, turkeys were part of religious rites, and the same can be seen in the Maya archaeology.

Bunnies Attacked Napolean Once

Napolean Bonaparte has a great role in shaping the history of the world. But, we are going to tell a funny incident about him. Once, he asked his men to arrange a rabbit hunt, so they arranged 3000 rabbits and kept them all in a cage.

When they were released, rabbits surrounded Napolean and his men. That was definitely a funny and unforgettable moment. Wondering what Napolean did afterward?

War With Cats

If you think Napolean’s order was strange, then what would you say about Pope Gregory IV. He once declared war against cats as he believed black cats are associated with Satan. Therefore, he made a strategy to wipe out all the cats from Europe. However, it turned out in the rise of rats, which spread the plague.

Talented Richard Nixon

In the history of the world, the name of Richard Nixon is also included. This president of the United States not only did his responsibilities well but also entertained everyone. He was a talented musician who could play five different instruments. Richard was an expert in violin, clarinet, piano, accordion, and saxophone.

Ketchup Was A Medicine

During the 1830s, ketchup was used as medicine to cure indigestion. John Cook was the physician who suggested this unique medicine to his patients. It later came into the limelight as a popular food ingredient, and now everyone’s favorite.

Lincoln In Hall Of Fame

The world history is incomplete without Abraham Lincoln, who was once a wrestling champion. And to your surprise, he lost only one contest in his life. Thus, his name was put in the wrestling hall of fame.

America’s Independence Day

In the world’s history, America celebrates its independence day on July 4th, but that’s not real. Its independence began on July 2nd, when the resolution of America’s freedom was passed. Two days later, it was officially declared; however, the resolution was not signed until August.

First To Live In White House

It was not George Washington who lived in the White House as it was under construction. The first one to live there was John Adams.

These were the few histories of the world facts that very few people were aware of.

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