Architect And The Historical Monuments

Facts About the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Ancient Architect has great importance from the historical point of view. Honestly, the structures and the monuments made during ancient times cannot be re-built and duplicated as the construction used to be much rigid. The material used for the building includes lot study and planning, and hence the monuments are alive till today.

Architect And The Historical Monuments
Architect And The Historical Monuments

Various great architects have got experience building grand monuments and big projects. Planning becomes an essential thing once the size of the project increases. The amount required for the construction also plays a critical role in building the fort and the monuments. Copying those forts is next to impossible as the fort as the architect’s work is unique and confidential.

DLP Architect And Their Work

DLP architects are the combination of Eleni Pletsa and Michel De Landtsheer, with the head office located in Greece. Having experience of over 25 years, they have reserved the expertise in touristic projects and other massive investment programs. They do provide all kinds of service in the construction line as the town planning, architectural plans, building permits, interior decoration, landscaping, and other private projects.

Experience plays a crucial role in controlling the projects and giving them the perfect touch. Only planning of the projects is not as critical as executing the plan becomes essential to complete the work systematically.

The Great Leaning Tower of Pisa

This grand structure in the Pisa city of Italy is the freestanding tower and is famous for the four-degree lean due to the unstable foundation. People do admire the construction of the tower and consider it as the unique structure ever seen. The third-oldest structure in Cathedral square, the place has got the maximum visitors.

Architect And The Historical Monuments
Architect And The Historical Monuments

The tower of Pisa is 55.68 meters in length on the lower side and 56.67 meters on the higher side from the ground level. The wall has a width of 2.44 meters, with 14,500 metric tons of weight. The tower started to tilt in the 12th century during the construction as the soil didn’t hold up the entire weight of the tower—the building completed in the 14th century with a tilt of 5.5 degrees.

Hence further the tilt of 3.97 was reduced between 1993 and 2001.

Identification of The Architect

The architect of the tower is still the controversy as no perfect identity of the architect is confirmed. Further, during the repairing of the tower work in 2001, the actual architect was identified as Diotisalvi for the construction of the entire tower. 

Further, the tower was in the Guinness world records as the most tilted lop-sided building with a tilt of a 3.97 degree. There are various monuments in Abu Dhabi; New Zealand deliberately engineered to slant having five times more slope than Pisa tower.


The structures and the monuments depict the image of the city as it becomes a historical place for the people. The architects play an essential role in creating the history-making of the pillars. The repair and the re-construction of some of the monuments give the strength again to the ancient construction.

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