Ancient Greek Name


Many people give their children because of how beautiful they sound. Greek names are not only pretty, but some of them are pretty uncommon and unique and will help your child to stand out. Moreover, these names are full of culture, history, and tradition, which give them a different kind of beauty altogether. Here are some of the most beautiful Ancient Greek name for your bundle of joys!

Ancient Greek Name: Various Types Of It
Ancient Greek Name: Various Types Of It

Alexandra As Ancient Greek Name

It is the female version of the name Alexander which derived from the Greek word Alexandros. Alexandros was a mixture of two words’ Alexei’ and ‘Aner’, that roughly means ‘defender of man’. This name is beautiful and leaves a strong impact at the same time. If you want a name which is neither unique nor too overused, this is just right for you. Some of the variables of this name are Alessandra, Aleksandra, Alex, Sandra, etc.

Basil As Ancient Greek Name

If you are looking for an uncommon name for your son, this is just right for you. It was derived from the Greek word ‘basileus’ which means ‘kingly’ or ‘regal’. Some of the most famous people to have this name was Emperors Basil I and Basil II. This name was in the top 1000 names before 1970. It reached its peak when it secured the 328thrank in 1904. However, it is not a name that you would hear commonly and is a perfect example of an uncommon name that is subtle enough not to stand out too much.


Calista, derived from the Greek name Kallisto, meaning ‘the most beautiful’ is the perfect name for your daughter if you are looking for a greek name for your bundle of joy. Calista was mythological Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation. Calista is not a common name and has stayed on the top 1000 list for a brief while between the years 1998 and 2004. Alternate names for Calista are Kalista, Kallista, Calysta, etc.

Ancient Greek Name: Various Types Of It
Ancient Greek Name: Various Types Of It


A perfect name for your baby boy, Eugene means ‘born into nobility or high society’. It was on 45thrank in 1900 in the top 1000 names and has been on that list ever since. It was in the top 100  names till 1958 but has lost its popularity in the last 50 years. Some of its alternatives are Ugene, Eugenios, Eugenio, etc.


I am sure almost everyone has heard about this name. She was one of the main characters in the famous book series, Harry Potter. But one thing a lot of us may not know is that this name is of Greek origin. Hermione means ‘messenger of God’ and is a perfect name if you are a fan and want to honor your favorite book in some way. Alternatives of this name are Hermine, Hermia, and Herma.

Damian As Ancient Greek Name

Damian is of the typical boy names which are not overused. It roughly translates to ‘the one of tames and conquers’. Damian appeared on the top 1000 names list in 1952 and has stayed there ever since. It had its best year in 2013 when it was at the rank 98.