Ancient Mayan City

The Mayans were an ancient civilization on the face of this planet. The ruins of different monuments established during the Mayan civilization are the only remnants of the ancient community. The Tikal Mayan ruins are located in Guatemala and evidence suggests that it was a prospering city. The ruins bring in many visitors from all over the world due to appealing features. In addition, these ruins give out the vibe of an Indiana Jones movie. The jungle surrounding these ruins adds up to the appeal of the place as a tourist destination. These are just the tip of the iceberg! If you want to know more then let us dive into the following discussion.

All You Needed To Know About The Ancient Mayan City Ruins Of Tikal

All You Needed To Know About The Ancient Mayan City Ruins Of Tikal

Discovery Of A Wonder:

The Mayan ruins of Tikal were not discovered until 1853.  Hernan Cortes and his crew also were not able to find the city during the Hispanic Conquest. A gum-sapper named Ambrosio Tut found these ruins accidentally. He reported the finding to a Guatemalan newspaper named La Gaceta. Shortly after the news surfaced, the Berlin Academy of Sciences showed interest in the new discovery. Gradually, a large number of archaeologists and scholars visited the site for investigating the life of Mayans in Guatemala.

The construction of Tikal probably started before the classic era in Mayan history. The city is believed to be a Mayan capital city. It is also believed that the city had diplomatic relations with Mexican cities on the border and other Mayan establishments. The most notable adversary of the city was Teotihuacan. It has been estimated that both the cities engaged in military warfare at some point of time during the 10th century AD.

A Culture Of Change:

All You Needed To Know About The Ancient Mayan City Ruins Of Tikal

All You Needed To Know About The Ancient Mayan City Ruins Of Tikal

The Berlin Academy and other institutions conducted promising research on these Mayan ruins. The research helped in finding out details of all rulers of the once-prosperous Mayan city. The interesting highlight of the place is the frequent attacks of hostile tribes. Each tribe attacked and took over the city different times. However, the new rulers of the city adapted quickly to Mayan culture. Many descendants of the rulers also turned into native Mayans subsequently. The first ruler of the city was named as First Scaffold Shark or Yax Ehb’ Xook. He ruled from around 90 AD and the last ruler was named Jasaw Chan K’awiil II. The last ruler was supposed to be in power from around 869 AD.

The Origins:

Many research attempts have proved the origins of the name ‘Tikal’. The city is named ti ak’al that translates to ‘at the waterhole’. The origins of this name can be traced to the hunters and travelers visiting this city. On the contrary, research evidence states that this was not the original name of the magnificent Mayan city. Yax Mutul is the name found on emblem glyphs on stellas found in this place. Mutul is supposed to be the whole Mayan kingdom and Yax denotes the first city. A clear explanation for the origins of the name also shows that Yax means the most prominent city. According to research, the city spans over 16 square kilometers and houses around 3000 structures. This provides ample evidence about the city’s greatness.            

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