All About Unesco World Heritage Sites By Country

unesco world heritage sites by country

Unesco World Heritage Sites in countries around the globe are listed in a program called the Unesco Heritage List. The Unesco World Heritage List is a worldwide register of World Heritage Sites. Each country that is a member of the organization is required to submit an application for inclusion in the list. The applicant needs to demonstrate that his country has world-class natural resources and tourist attractions to qualify for a place on the list.

Some countries that are members of the organization do not have natural resources of their own. For example, in Afghanistan there is no airport and people need a bus or a taxi to go to other cities. So they must rely on others to travel. It is impossible for them to develop their tourism if they do not have a world class site nearby.


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A site is given the status of World Heritage Site if it has significant importance for the education of the public or for the economic development of the country. It is usually a historical monument with archeological remains, paintings, sculptures or architectural monuments that provide information about the past culture and history of the site. It is a combination of an educational, scientific and historic theme that makes it a World Heritage Site. These include examples such as the Taj Mahal in India, Timbuktu in Africa, Stonehenge in England, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Egypt. Other sites include the Almanar Airline Historic National Park, the Hamedan Desert National Park, the Oasis National Park in Jordan, the Sahara Desert National Park, and the Udaipur Lake District in India.

Each of these sites has an equally important significance to the local people that visit them. When you visit any site on your Unesco World Tour, you will be able to hear the stories of its creation, how the site was formed, and what the local people believe about it. This will not only provide an insight into the past but also provide the tourists with a deeper knowledge about their culture. In many cases, you can also see the stone carvings that are still ongoing at these historical monuments. You can expect to hear a lot about the Taj Mahal in India, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Egypt, and the Timbuktu city in Nigeria.

Niame- The Capital Of Unesco World Heritage Sites

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The capital of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa is Niame, Ghana’s town of Udad. Here, tourists can experience the real culture of this African nation. While in Udad, you can have a boat ride across the river which is believed to be the longest one in the world. After visiting the various sites in Udad, you can then have a leisurely dinner by the Indian Ocean beach where traditional African dances are performed by the musicians.

For those who are interested in having a more spiritual site to visit, the Unesco World Heritage Site in Kenya would be the right choice. This site offers a chance for the visitors to have a closer look at the cultures of different African countries. It has a cave where the remains of a Kenyan tribe were kept after they were killed by a British driller from Kenya during the colonial era. You can also visit Lake Nakuru, which is the largest freshwater lake in Africa. The lake is also home to many animals including giraffes, antelopes and zebras.

The Unesco World Heritage Site In Nepal

The Unesco World Heritage site in Nepal is one more place that can turn out to be very special for the tourists. This place is also known as the Valley of the Kings because of the many Hindu temples that can be found here. This heritage site is located between Kathmandu and Kanchenjunga on the border of India and Tibet. The best time to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site in Nepal is between April and May.

Final Thoughts

No matter which Unesco World Heritage site you visit, it will definitely provide you with much more than just great sightseeing opportunities. You will get the opportunity to hear about different cultures from different places around the world. You will have the chance to see various monuments and shrines. Unesco has made sure that this site provides a true insight on culture in all its forms and sizes. These cultural heritage sites are a must visit by every person traveling to Unesco.

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