A History Of The World in Six Glasses – What Is It And Who Invented It

a history of the world in 6 glasses

You might find them all around your kitchen, too beer, wine, liquor, tea, coffee, cola. And now you can find them in six-packs, books, and tumblers as well. You may think that a six-pack is just the ticket for a beer belly. Or maybe you’ve been drinking wine for years and need something a little stronger. Either way, it’s time to get out your history book and dig into the many forms that these beverages can take.

Beer – The Foundation Of Most Civilized Society

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Everyone knows that beer is the foundation of most civilized society. Long before civilization, man discovered brewing, and soon he was making wine and making moonshine. Then, as civilizations grew more sophisticated, they added ingredients to their beverages coffee and spices, then gin and vermouth. No matter the additions, the bottom line is that man has been making alcohol from grain, clay, branches, honey, roots, and other natural products for as long as people have been building homes. A history of the world in six glasses is going to start with how early people began using these liquids as a source of nourishment.

Beer and wine have been staples for a very long time, but what is really interesting is that people have been combining these products over time. You can look back through history and see many ways that man and his ancestors have mixed these two drinks. One of the first ways that they did this was by accident. When early man was trying to preserve food, he would boil it down into a solution, add salt, and cover it with leaves to stop the flavor from leaching into the water.

History Of Beer

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This is an interesting history, because ancient man may have mixed both wine and water in an attempt to create a drink that was both salty and sweet. This may have been part of his incentive to make the trek across the globe. Somewhere along the way, someone thought to add honey to the mixture, and somehow that combination was used for the very first time as a beverage. It is hard to say how far that concoction took, but it probably marked the beginning of civilization. Somewhere along the way, somewhere a tribe in Africa discovered that it was very easy to add honey to water, and that was probably when the first history of the world in six glasses was born.

History Of Wine

While most people are familiar with the history of beer as we know it today, the same can be said for wine. In fact, people all over the world have been making wine for hundreds of years. In China, they would brew tea with the grapes that they had picked, and this was called “Wu Lin” or “Green Tea”. In Europe, people were constantly experimenting with new types of wine, eventually making wine that was much more accessible to the mass market.

Summing Up

A history of the world in six glasses is a fascinating thing, and if you ever find yourself having to explain it to someone, make sure that you do it with a smile. You never know what will come out, and it is not always easy when it comes to history. However, it is definitely interesting if you look past the dry subject of the matter. It is important to get people interested in history, and the best way to do that is to give them interesting facts about the period in which they lived. Beer is only one part of it, and knowing this history can help us enjoy the many different types of drinks that we can get from it.

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