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Know About Pisa Tower

A Few Things To Know About Pisa Tower

The leaning tower of Pisa or Pisa Tower was planned to be built in the late years of the 1100s. The name of the architect of this tower is still a mystery. In fact, this tower was constructed of white marble stones and resembles a wedding cake. In fact, the construction of this tower began in the year 1173 and was finished after 200 years.  This is a famous tourist attraction in Italy and visited by millions of visitors every year.

It was identified as the leaning tower in 1990. Some architects advised to replace this tower and place it at another place where it will stay erect. After some repairs, the leaning of this tower was reduced and visitors were allowed to climb this tower a decade ago.

This is the Clock Tower near a Cathedral  Duomo di Pisa and is fondly called as Campanile.

A Few Things To Know About Pisa Tower
A Few Things To Know About Pisa Tower

Why Is It Called Leaning Tower?

Earlier, this tower was not built with an intention to build a leaning tower. But the ground was soggy and muddy and after half of the completion, the tower began to sink. Hence, this tower gained fame as the leaning tower of Pisa. After 100 years, modern architects started to repair the mistakes and make this tower stand erect. Their efforts did not succeed as the tower raised to a certain extent but still not erect.

This is an 8 storied tower built of white marbles near the cathedral. In fact, the architects noticed that this tower is leaning to some extent after the completion of the third story. Due to this, the construction of this monument was stopped for a few years. After 100 years, the construction restarted and the building got fame as the leaning tower of Pisa.

In fact, the experts tried to make this tower taller on one side but due to mistakes of the architects, it stood as the leaning tower.

Will This Tower Fall?

Some experts felt that since this tower began to sink, it will fall down within a couple of years. This prediction came into the limelight in earlier 90s. However, after a few repairs, experts came into conclusion that this tower can stand all the natural calamities and will stand till the upcoming 200 years.

A Few Things To Know About Pisa Tower
A Few Things To Know About Pisa Tower

Stabilizing The Tower

The attempts to stabilize the tower began in the late 1900s and experts say that in 1990, this tower sank to 5.5 degrees. To restore the erectness of this tower, the dirt and sand under the tower were removed and the gap was filled with cement. By these attempts, the tower stood erect to some extent but still, it was leaning on one side.

How To Visit

The entry to the tower of Pisa is free of cost, but to climb the tower costs nearly 18 Euros. You need to book the tickets earlier to climb the tower as there will be a number of tourists waiting to climb. This tower is open for visitors to climb up throughout the year though timings may vary during different times of the year.

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