The Roman Colosseum Facts

6 Interesting Facts About The Roman Colosseum

Visiting the Roman Colosseum should be a part of your life travel itinerary, especially if you want to know more about the regular lives of the ancient Romans. Located east of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum puts forward new information regarding how the ancient Romans spent their free time. It is a fascinating wonder of the world built by Emperor Vespasian during A.D. 70 or 72. The list of interesting facts about this monument below will surely take you by surprise.

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The Roman Colosseum Facts

The Roman Colosseum Did Not Have Just One Prominent Architect

Earlier it was believed that Virgil, an ancient Roman poet, designed the Colosseum. But now people know that there was not just one prominent architect or designer behind this monument. Virgil died even before the conception of the monument.

It was built by Vespasian, the founder of the Flavian Dynasty, mainly for his successor, Titus.

The Roman Colosseum Stands As An Elliptical Monument

The Colosseum measures 156 meters in width and 189 meters in length. It is an elliptical monument with a foundation platform of 24, 000 square meters and a height of above 48 meters. It has more than 80 entry points and the potential of accommodating approximately 50, 000 spectators at a time.

The Colosseum Was For Hosting Beast Vs. People Games

Yes, the Colosseum was used for hosting beast vs. people games, and it is also believed that more than 500 000 individuals lose their lives because of this practice. Even wild animals were killed in millions throughout this monument hosting such games.

All Romans could enter the Colosseum free of cost for different events. In addition to this, they used to get good food throughout these events. Both games and festivals at the Colosseum could last for more than 100 days. Sometimes, ancient Romans flooded the monument and even had small ship naval fights as a way of enjoyment and entertainment.

The Construction Took Place Within A Very Short Time

It took just ten years to complete the construction work of the Roman Colosseum. The work was initiated in 70 A.D. and completed by the end of 80AD. More than 60, 000 Jewish slaves took part in the construction of the building. It has 36 trap doors making way for intricate special effects.

Certain parts of this monument, including the marble frontage, were useful for building St peter’s Basilica and various other monuments.

The Colosseum Has Experienced Major Devastations

Different natural disasters have worked towards devastating the structure and architecture of the Roman Colosseum. However, it was the earthquake in 847 AD along with the one in 1231 AD that led to the majority of the damages we find in recent times.

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The Roman Colosseum Facts

There Were Good Reasons Behind Building The Roman Colosseum

The construction of the Roman Colosseum, which is the most well-known monument in Rome, was for some major reasons. It was a gift from Emperor Vespasian to the people of Rome. It was a platform for conducting different events and for showcasing the techniques of Roman engineering. Earlier the name was Flavian Amphitheater.

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