6 Known Historical Monuments

For travel lovers and adventure seekers, the historical monuments made by man offer a treat to the eye when viewed from a closer angle. The impeccable architectural skills and mesmerizing structure of some monuments make them unique among other monuments featured around the world. With numerous monuments around the world, a few have been narrowed and listed down based on their magnificent structure.

Pisa Tower

Image result for View of Leaning tower and the Basilica, Piazza dei miracoli, Pisa, Italy
Leaning tower and the Basilica, Piazza dei miracoli, Pisa, Italy Monument

A unique architectural building which is slanting at an angle of four degree in Italy is marked as the most exciting art due to its weak foundation during construction. The tower still stands huge at the height of 55 meters and is known to have used to study the speed of the two cannon balls dropped from the top by the great astronomer Galileo.


It is located in England. The ring of free-standing stones has appeared out of nowhere making it stand out among other historical monuments. While other monuments are man-made, this Stonehenge is still a mystery to be solved. With a unique power felt when standing between the rocks, it is believed to be a burial ground during the medieval period as human bones were found during archaeological work.

Borobudur Temple Compounds

This eccentric monument located in Indonesia is one of the most prominent Buddhist temples in the world. The domes and structures are designed intricately, and nearly five hundred statues of different Buddhas are present here. This place fills one with spirituality thus, everyone gets a sense of tranquility on visiting this monument.


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Parthenon Monument

The city of Athens, the capital of Greece is blessed with a historical monument which was constructed as a temple to worship the Goddess Athena by the people of the city. It is constructed at such a high position that people can view it from anywhere around the city. This is rated as one of the important monuments depicting the cultural values of that period. It stands undisturbed for over 2000 years.

Temple Mount

People have been worshipping this monument located in the city of Jerusalem for thousands of years. The temple is considered one of the sacred among three mosques by the Muslims. The temple is said to have many temples lying below it like the first Jewish temple built by Solomon. Recognized as the holiest place by the Jews, they do not walk on the temple recognizing its sanctity. This temple is believed to be the place where God spoke to Abraham by the Christian. Muslims believe that Muhammad returned to earth to preach God’s words and the presence of divinity can be felt at this place.

The Pyramids at Giza

Standing gigantically in the city of El Giza, this Pyramid is the largest pyramid and one among the Seven Wonders of the World. Constructed around 2560 BC, this monument was known as the tallest man-made structure in the world and was considered as a tomb for King Khufu. Made of limestone and granite, it consists of several chambers where the Queen’s and King’s body was mummified and preserved.   Due to sand storms, the pyramid was eroded but was repaired later. It attracts thousands of tourists every year who visit the place to see its wonderful construction.

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