5 Most Underrated World Heritage Sites Map In India

world heritage sites map

Packing your essentials for a trip to the top-visited tourist spot in India? Good idea to enjoy vacations! But, it could be far better if you would have planned to explore something new like- less-known and calm world heritage sites. Anyways, you scarcely have heard about them before. So, here we are going to tell you about the 5 most underrated but unique tourism attractions on the world heritage site map of India. 

Rock Shelters Of Bhimbetka

A view

If archeological activities fascinate you, Rock Shelters Of Bhimbetka is a must-visit place. These rock shelters of prehistoric ages are claimed to be the oldest human colony in the Indian subcontinent. These rock shelters in the forests near Bhopal show you a glimpse of an anonymous world from lakhs of years back. Mural paintings on the walls of more than 700 caves of prehistoric ages are the witnesses of our ancestors’ lives during the Stone Age. Moreover, the cupules here on the walls of the ‘Rock of Dar’ are more than 2 lakh years old, which means far more ancient than the Indus Valley Civilization.

Monuments Group At Pattadakal

A large stone statue

In the Pattadakal city of northern Karnataka, this complex of ancient Hindu and Jain temples depict the confluence of North and South Indian architectural styles. Here, 4 temples are of Nagar Style, 4 are of Dravid style and the Papanatha Temple is of the fusion of these two. This monument group is of the 7th-8th century. You will never forget this place if you visit here once.

Sundarbans National Park

If you are a nature lover along with an urge to adventure into you, never try to skip this place. In South 24 Parganas of West Bengal, this national park (also a tiger reserve and biosphere reserve) is located on the deltas of river Ganga. This delta covered with mangrove forests is home to the Bengal tigers and several reptile species, salt-water crocodiles, etc. However, seeing our national animal in its original home will give you an unforgettable experience. 

Darjeeling Mountain Railway

A trip to a hill station especially- Darjeeling is incomplete until you experience the adventure of the Darjeeling mountain railway. Slow speed train, a cup of authentic Darjeeling tea with the mesmerizing view of Himalayan mountains are enough for everyone to love this place. Often people prefer to visit Manali but they skip Darjeeling.

Goa Velha

Goa Velha or Old Goa is famous for churches and convents of pre-independence time (Portuguese reign). This world heritage site proves that Goa is much more than its beaches, nightlife, and Vindaloo dishes. Among the churches of Goa Velha, Bom Jesus Basilica is famous for the remains of St. Francis Xavier. 


World heritage sites with high fame are more likely to meet you with the crowd and more expenses than you’d planned. However, visiting the underrated places will not only reduce your expenses but also gets you ample time to explore that place.

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