5 Historical Monuments Of United States

5 Historical Monuments Of United States

If you are a student of history or want to make a career in this field, you might be interested in studying historical monuments. When it comes to historical monuments in the United States, they are downright dazzling and rich in history. These gigantic landmarks feature soaring sculptures or signify a place where famous historic events took place. In this article, we have listed 5 historical monuments in America. Don’t forget to check them out.

Lincoln Memorial

Located in Washington D.C, Lincoln Memorial commemorates the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. This classy structure features a 19 feet high sculpture of the great president. Made with Georgia marble, the monument was designed by Daniel Chester French. It was built between 1914 and 1922 and contains “The Gettysburg Address” and second inaugural address. The monument features 36 enormous columns that represent 36 states of the country during the last presidency period of Lincoln.

5 Historical Monuments Of United States
5 Historical Monuments Of United States

Statue Of Liberty

It is considered as an official National Monument, The Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886 in New York to commemorate the termination of the U.S. Civil War as well as the abolition of slavery. Since the 20th century, the monument has stood for hope and enlightenment to the world.

The statue representing Libertas, The Roman Goddess of freedom, was actually a gift to America from France. Designed by famous French sculptor Frederic Augustine Bartholdi, the statue is simply stunning to watch. Made of copper, it stands tall at a height of 151 feet. The statue of liberty also has a crown with 25 windows offering stunning views of the surrounding places.

Washington Monument

Washington monument is an iconic monument to honor George Washington, the first president of the United States. Although the construction of this monument began in 1854, it was completed after 30 years, in 1884, due to the American civil war and lack of funds.

The Washington Monument made of granite and marble packs hundreds of commemorative stones brought from different countries. It also features other structures including the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

This memorial represents sculptures representing heads of four influential American presidents including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. The project started in 1927 and took 14 years for the competition with the help of 400 workers.

The famous face sculptures on Mount Rushmore have mouths that are 18 feet wide and noses that are 20 feet long. Apart from viewing the sculptures, Mount Rushmore offers the opportunity of hiking, climbing rocks, and so on.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument is also a sky-scraping obelisk just like the Washington Monument. This 221 feet tall structure represents the spot where the Battle of Bunker Hill, the first major fight for U.S. independence took place.

5 Historical Monuments Of United States
5 Historical Monuments Of United States

The structure also has a museum that features relics from the historic battle including war weapons and cannonball. Currently, a part of Boston National Historical Park, this structure takes 294 steps to its top. In 2007, it underwent a $3.7 million renovation which included lighting, repairs, and so on.

Visit these historical monuments and they are sure to make you swoon. Not only you will see their beauty, but you will also cherish their history for years to come!

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