4 Facts That Emphasize On The Black Monuments Matter

black monuments

The Black monuments are one of the most influential movements that has a cultural heritage. The pain and agony that Africans have gone through in facing the harsh realities of colonization. The black monuments are stories and tributes that Africans have made in order to show their beauty and natural heritage. The sites and monuments are a depiction of their lifelong struggles and how they have survived the harsh behavior of their colonizers. This article will let you know facts about the four best black monuments. 

Black Monuments – Niagara Falls Monument


The old cultural heritage of Niagara Underground Railroad is one of the oldest black monuments that focuses on the efforts of black people. It is one of the most influential monuments that talk about human rights and civil rights to people. The Niagara falls underground railroad is a good initiative that talks about the tales wherein the abolitionists have put forward their rights before everything. Hence, it is considered as one of the most influential black monuments that shows the cultural heritage. 

The Famous Dr. Ronald Monument


Dr. Ronald E. McNair monument is one of the most famous historical beauties that is respected by people all over the world. The monument celebrates the most famous astro-physicist and astronaut who died in the space shuttle. The monument is an international spot to visit and pay tribute to the multi-talented Dr. Ronald. He was a very talented jazz saxophonist as well as a fifth-degree black belt. He has also studied the various scientific foundations and usefulness of martial arts in the life of people. 

The National Park That Pays Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr. 

Most of the black monuments talk about the valour and pride presented by people in the Civil Rights that marks the freedom struggle of black people. There are more than four monuments dedicated to the civil rights leader Martin Luther King for the immense pride and strength he has given to win the battle. The Martin Luther King Jr. national park is one of the most famous black monuments that depicts the early life and struggles of Martin Luther. The factors that led to his success and the struggle stories of him are some of the most essential things to take away if you are visiting this cultural heritage. 

The National Monument Of Alabama

The Freedom Riders National Monument that was established by President Barack Obama talks about the violence that is an important event in history. In the year 1960, the Federal Government had passed a rule to segregate the terminal buses as per the color of their passengers. To simplify it, they had forbidden the entry of black people into the buses carrying white passengers. To battle against this order, black freedom riders emerged and a group of white people burnt down their bus. This monument is a national and cultural heritage that speaks about the violence towards the black people. 


These are some of the facts and historical marks that will help you to understand the age long struggle of black people to have their rights. 

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