31 Best Women’s Activewear Luxury Athleisure Brands

31 Best Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brands

Womens Activewear: Activewear has become a recent trend now. Here are some of the best women’s athleisure and activewear brands.

First 10 Brands:

1. FENDI- It is the world’s one of the most luxurious women’s athleisure brand.

2. Ivy Park- It is the brand of high tech performance wear, containing sports bras, sweatshirts, leggings, etc.

31 Best Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brands
31 Best Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brands

3. Fenty PUMA- The brand was launched in 2016 and is a line of women’s activewear collection. The brand originated from the collaboration of PUMA and singer Rihanna.

4. Tory Sport- The brand was established by Tory Burch, having a luxury line of women’s activewear.

5. Ultracor- It originated in Los Angeles. Ultracor uses anti-camel toe technology and seamless construction as its brand identity.

6. NO KA’OI- NO KA’OI as a brand originated in Italy. The brand gets its inspiration from yoga.

7. P.E Nation- The brand gets its origin from Australia. This women sportswear brand uses a “tomboy meats city girl” attitude in its clothes.

8. Lululemon- It is a Canadian brand. Yoga is the inspiration for the design of the brand’s clothing line.

9. Sweaty Betty- The brand took its birth in 1998 in London. It is a premium women’s activewear brand bringing a holistic approach to its clothes.

10. LNDR- The London based brand focuses on waterproof and Temperature regulating clothes.

10-20 Brands:

11. Perfect Moment- Perfect Moment is a French athleisure brand launched by Thierry Donard.

12. Versace Gym- It is the athleisure collection of the well known Italian brand, Versace.

31 Best Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brands
31 Best Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brands

13. Nike- Every person is well aware of this famous brand. Nike is one of the best sports apparel and accessory brand in the world.

14. Nike x MMW- Matthew M. Williams, a renowned American designer, designed this exclusive collection for Nike.

15. Under Armour- It is the athleisure clothing brand of Tim Coppens. The brand originated recently in 2016.

16. Adidas- Adidas is another famous brand in the field of activewear and sports. The brand provides excellent quality combined with comfort.

17. Adidas By Stella McCartney- It is a separate clothing line of Adidas made for fashion-forward women.

18. Y-3- Adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto collaborated to form the brand.

19. Alo Yoga- This Los Angeles brand focuses rips, lacing, and cutouts of its clothes.

20. Olympia Activewear- The brand displays strength and feminine aesthetics through its clothing line.

Women’s Activewear: 20-31 Brands:

21. The Upside- It is an Australian women’s activewear brand. The brand uses a body-sculpting style in its clothing design.

22. Koral- The design of the clothes of the brand takes its inspiration from Brazil and California.

23. ADAY- This New York brand focuses both on style and performance. Its dresses are made to last longer.

24. FP Movement By Free People- Bohemian chic style and function are the two essential characteristics of the brand’s clothing line.

25. Alala- People consider the brand as super trendy. It features luxury and high-tech performance.

26. Varley- The brand focuses on technological innovation and performance.

27. Beyond Yoga- It is a women’s athleisure brand, which gets its inspiration from yoga. The brand focuses on muted solid colors for its clothes.

28. Athleta (By Gap)-  

Athleta is the premium women’s athleisure brand of Gap.

29. Outdoor Voices-

The brand gives the message that its clothes are for everyone, irrespective of the work one does.

30. Kit And Ace-

The apparel of the brand are for the Modern Commuter. Cycling displays the clothing line and purpose of the brand.

31. Fabletics-

It is the fitness brand of Kate Hudson, which focuses on the utmost comfort.

Women’s Activewear: Conclusion

You can prefer the above brand for wearing during any sports activity, yoga, workout, etc. because, along with style, those brands provide the best comfort.

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