History Of Internet

18 Mind-Blowing Facts About The History Of Internet

Internet is now pretty famous, almost a thing that we can’t live without. Everyone now has a speedy broadband connection at home; your grandpa is on Facebook; your grandma is posting videos on Instagram. All are too good. But how considerably do you know about the History Of Internet? Take a look at these 18 mind-blowing facts about the internet that you probably didn’t know.

18 Mind-Blowing Facts About The History Of Internet
18 Mind-Blowing Facts About The History Of Internet

Facts About The History Of Internet

Let’s take a look at how it started and how it got into here in this position where most of us can’t live without the internet.

  1. Internet technology started back in the 1960s at MIT. The first data that people transmitted over the internet is LOG. It is the short name for login, and the network crashed after so many people tried to enter G. This thing happened a while before Facebook came in.
  2. There was only a single page at the URL.
  3. http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html used to contain information about the WorldWideWeb. It also had information about how you can make a hypertext page full of beautiful hyperlinks. However, the original page didn’t save.
  4. Kevin Mackenzie in 1979 created the first emoticon: -). Just because it didn’t look like a face, 3 years later it became this: 🙂 by Scott Fahlman’s cooperation.
  5. Japanese also used emoticons, and theirs looked like these: ~~~ヾ(^∇^)
  6. Cambridge University computer lab first installed the webcam. And their primary purpose was to monitor a coffee maker.
  7. The MP3 standard was invented in 1991, but he had to wait for 1998 to listen to the first music. The first music sharing service Napster then changed the life and way of the internet.
  8. Ever since the internet came into sight, file sharing was a problem for the authorities. In 1989 the McGill University closed their FTP indexing site. The FTP indexing site was the reason for too much internet traffic from America into Canada.
  9. Even these days, file sharing dominates internet traffic up to 50% worldwide. And Netflix users also stream media services in a larger portion.
  10. Google claims that today’s internet contains 5 million terabytes.

8 More Facts About the Internet

Hope you found the above-mentioned facts interesting. And now these 8 facts are a bonus. Enjoy!

  1. Did you know, one-third of all the internet searches are about pornography. It is also found that 80% of images on the internet are of naked women.
  2. Amazon has always been the number one shopping site on the internet besides eBay.
  3. The first banner ad came into the sight in 1994. And it took a part in the AT&Ts “you will” campaign.
  4. Did you know, 247 BILLION email messages came into people’s inbox every day and 81% among them are only spam?
  5. First spam email sent in 1978 and was too much to bear
  6. Where did this term come from? One bored user repeatedly typed SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM on his keyboard and rest then you know.
  7. Cyber terrorism is ruining the world since 2008
  8. The first video uploaded on YouTube, 18 seconds long “Me at the zoo”. It was quite boring.
18 Mind-Blowing Facts About The History Of Internet
18 Mind-Blowing Facts About The History Of Internet

Did I miss anything? Tell us what you think about these facts of the history of the internet?

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