10 Historical Figures Who Have Changed The World As We Know It – 8 Will Amaze You

By ignorance, idealization, and embodiment, records of kings, emperors, and other prominent historical figures are sometimes hidden. In both text and art, the figure’s best characteristics (or often their worst) are exemplified to convey a particular picture for later generations. Still, these sources have only rarely provided accurate portrayals of historical individuals. However, there are other ways to see what statistics genuinely look like.

Since ancient times, people have produced death masks, plaster molds of the deceased’s face, so new technologies and methodologies have helped us have an even better glimpse of the past in recent years. Anthropologists, forensic scientists, and CGI artists have used their combined knowledge and skills to make facial reconstructions of historical figures. Skeletal remnants are used by these practitioners to recreate human faces. This is achieved using a CT scan to create a 3D model of a human skull, then using tissue data or historical data, including documented diet and lifestyle.

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